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VIDEO: How to SELL your brochures (& chocolate) at tradeshows!


Tradeshows have always been pretty effective for us, but over the years we found ourselves giving away a lot of brochures and other materials to people who were never going to buy our chocolate.

We recently discovered a great combination that has been working well for us. When preparing for a tradeshow, we make a bunch of "Sampler/Info Packs" containing:

  • 1 each of the four solid chocolates (packaged in a smaller clear sample bag with your business card & nutritional info)
  • One of the disease specific brochures (Diabetes, Arthritis & Joint Pain, The Heart, etc...) 
  • Our more general Personalized Event Flyer for an overview of the products as a whole and why they work, as well as the business opportunity

We put all of these things inside our larger brochure bag for a nice finished look. We even put ours in a treasure chest and let visitors to our booth dig through it to find the info they are interested in.

Now, instead of people taking several brochures and not buying a sample of the actual chocolate, we find people buying several of these sample packs... one about Diabetes, another for a friend with Arthritis, etc...

A little bit of information makes the sampler a much more attractive purchase.

Check out the video below for more information:

Brochure Bags Small Sample Bags Personalized Flyer Nutritional Cards Business Cards