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Try using 3D glue dots to attach a Xophoria sample to the brochure (put it right over top of the Cleanser tube -- so the gold frames the white sample tube) and sliding this in a clear bag. It makes a great looking Trial Size that you will be proud to share!



Make sure to always call this a Trial size, not a sample, because people expect that samples are free, trials cost money. I limit 1 per person Trial size supplies are limited. I suggest selling the Trial pack for $25 -- you don't want to sell these for less than the full sized product. This product is valuable, not expensive, and it is not available anywhere else in the world. Remind people to take a photo before they start and then 5 days later to compare. For sharing information with people that are not ready to purchase, share the Xophoria Personalized Flyer. It's a lower cost option to the full sized company brochure for people that are just looking for information. At trade shows, I sample Xophoria on the back of 1 of their hands. I tell them they can compare how their hands feel all day long, and even the next morning. I suggest that this is their reminder they should of purchased it, and they will need to call me to order. Don't forget to suggest that Mother's Day and Father's Day is coming up -- and this would be a GREAT gift!  Share and grow! 


Large Sampling Bags Personlized Xophoria Flyers
largesamplingbags.jpg xophoriaflyerproof.jpg